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ARMA Hawai`i Chapter Presents How to Drive Change without Driving Your Colleagues Crazy!

Learn how to get peers to buy into a new technology initiative. This presentation covers why organizations fear the prospect of change; the science behind change resistance and strategies for overcoming it; and case studies focused on change management success.

Key takeaways:
• Learn about the Science of Leading Change
• Identify the 4 stages of change
• Learn what communications tips / techniques to apply at each stage to help you and your team stay sane

Term Events

November 18, 2020: Challenges of Body Worn Cameras

The ARMA Sierra Nevada Chapter invites you to join us November 18 at 1:30pm PST to hear from our guest speaker, Sheila Lichius-III, Police Services Manager of Sparks Police Department as she shares some of the challenges faced surrounding the use of body worn cameras from a records perspective. 

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