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The ARMA International Educational Foundation (AIEF) is excited to announce the availability of a variety of funding opportunities for current and aspiring records and information management (RIM) professionals.

  • Graduate education scholarship – $3,000 (Deadline: August 15)
  • Access Leadership scholarship for undergraduate education – $2,000 & $6,000 (Deadline: August 15)
  • Undergraduate tuition reimbursement – $1,000 (Deadline: August 15)
  • RIM continuing education reimbursement – $750
  • RIM certificate/certification reimbursement – $500
  • Arizona Chapter scholarships for CRM certification/IGP certification reimbursement – $500 (Pacific Region only)

These awards include scholarship and reimbursement awards to cover costs associated with:

  • Earning a bachelor’s degree
  • Earning a graduate-level degree
  • Earning a CRM (Certification of Records Management), IGP (Information Governance Professional Certification), or other RIM related certifications
  • Attending conferences, seminars, and other RIM related professional events

For more information and the applications, please visit:

AIEF is a funding resource for research and scholarships in the field of records and information management. The primary funding source is derived from concerned individuals and organizations in the profession. AIEF is a 501(c) 3 non-profit entity.

The availability of funding is determined on an annual basis. AIEF reserves the right not to offer awards unless funding is available. Potential donors are invited to contact the foundation administration for additional information:

ARMA International Educational Foundation
11880 College Blvd., Suite 450
Overland Park, KS, 66210, USA

The Essentials of RIM Certificate

ARMA International offers the premier education for those in the early stages of their records and information management (RIM) career: The Essentials of RIM certificate program.

Consisting of 10 online courses, this program teaches best practices in key functional areas, such as managing electronic records, performing legally defensible e-discovery, developing a business continuity plan, and reducing threats to information privacy.

These courses are full of practical, real-world solutions you can put to work immediately in your organization. To see an outline of the 10 courses and the names of the 10 publications included in The Essentials of RIM certificate program and/or to purchase it, click here.

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Aloha ARMA Hawaii Chapter Members!

We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic leaders! The success of our Hawaii Chapter, as with any non-profit organization, is the result of our hard-working board members and committee chairs. We are looking for active members who are interested in growing our Chapter by becoming a member of the board of directors. This is your chance to play an active role in growing our membership base, creating educational programs for professional development and providing valuable networking opportunities for our members and the RIM community. Whether it’s building on current programs, or introducing new ones, your involvement will help to promote professionalism, leadership and respect for the RIM industry.

The positions which are open for nominations for the 2018 to 2019 year, beginning July 1, 2018, are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • 2 Directors for 2018 to 2019 (currently 2 year terms)

To nominate or for more information, please contact Rick Sloan at or (808) 844-3058 by March 26, 2018.

CRM Study Group

The Greater Sacramento Capitol Chapter (GSCC) has organized a series of CRM Study Group sessions which will be held 6 more times in the coming months. These sessions will have an administrator who will lead and manage the discussions. The GSCC is offering the courses at no cost to current ARMA members that are affiliated with a local chapter in the Pacific Region. This is a great opportunity to get a leg up in studying for CRM certification.

Upcoming sessions will be held from 3:30 – 4:30 PST on Apr. 2.

Sign up here,

These sessions can accommodate up to 250 people.












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